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    Angry I'z BE FURIOUS MAN!!!!


    It's been nearly a week since my last post, as I gave these guys (valueweb) all weekend to help me with my site. When I first started with these folks, I loved them...but now, they are unresponsive, and there answers to my questions are horrendous. MY GOD...what is the deal...I have been down, then up for like an hour, then back down, then back up, w/o FTP, w/o email, then back down, then back up, then back down (Do j000 see a pattern developing here????) -

    I have had an officer in my eq guild, I am responsible for our website, it's contents, and it's ability to be up, so we can communicate. I look like a f000 right now. This sux...

    So...I know this isn't the place, but if anyone could recommend a decent host to me, I would appreciate it. I have had it, and am fed up with ValueWeb...I am an easy customer, and can do most web site maintanence myself...I just need to have access to the D**M thing!!! Reliability is what I am looking for. And maybe the option to host multiple domains, because as it stands right now, I have some folks wanting me to do some hosting for them as well...

    Sorry for the rants here...but I have the @$$!!!!!

    I fricken gave these ya-WHO's all Labor Day weekend ( I missed a SLEEPERS TOMB RAID in the process as well ) for these guys...I've had it....


    Cheers Chaps, & thanks again for putting up with my Rants...


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    They get anything good out of Sleepers Tomb?
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    I would suggest getting a refund and looking around here you might find something in the shared hosting offers forum... If not post a thread in the shared hosting request forum explaning what you need.

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