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    new partner

    Person needed with expertise in tech support.
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    You've given such little infomration I don't know how anyone can respond without much more information.

    1) Where are you located?
    2) Are we talking $1,000 or $100,000?
    3) What was your gross and net income for 2001 and YTD 2002?
    4) What is the name of the company?
    5) What were your partner's duties and responsibilities?

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    if you're only making a few $$ more than the server is costing you it doesnt sound like a very alluring offer??
    Jonny b
    UK Reseller, Dedicated & Collocation Accounts

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    If you parnter "walked away" what does someone have to buy them out? Do you have a written contract with the other partner? Yes, he broke the contract by not fulfilling the contract... No, well what are you worried about no contract no problem..

    I have to ask this.

    How old are you and your X-partner? Under 18 no valid contract to sign you will find it hard to get a new partner.

    What is your after expense take home?

    If there is not a fair about of take home what are you needing from the "buy-out"

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    What kind of server software and control panel system are you running?

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