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Thread: upgrading mysql

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    upgrading mysql


    i need to upgrade mysql to the 4.0.2-alpha version on a qube3 box

    as you can guess there is no .pkg for this version

    can i upgrade using the redhat rpm ?
    from source ? in this case what would be the correct configure params not to get things messed up ?


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    Perhaps you should post this in the sun forum. As it is good to know if a manual install can mess up your box with upcoming releases from cobalt.

    The engineers maybe able to shed some light on it.

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    The rpms probably wouldn't work, so you'd be better off going with a source build.
    I've never tried it on a qube, but on a standard RedHat it wasn't that painful an operation.
    You might be safer checking on both the Sun site and on the Cobalt users and Cobalt developers lists first.
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    As for the configureation options... you could just use what you are uding now Make a phpinfo page

    <? phpinfo(); ?>

    and use that it says on the "configure command". That would build in the current options. If something dies in the configure (bad path... whatever) then you could change it there...

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