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    Unhappy Warning About Hostignition

    I cancelled my account with them within the first month of hosting as I was unsatisfied with their level of service and lack of support.

    I emailed then to tell then I wanted the account closed, and did not get a reply to confirm. So after 48 hrs I again emailed them and told them I wanted my account cancelled. My account was closed, as I was no longer able to logon to Cpanel, but still no reply.

    Anyway, I assumed seeing as everything was closed, there would not be a problem. However I was wrong. They continued to bill me, and done so now for two months. I have emailed them over 10 times requesting that they cease billing and credit my credit card, yet they dont reply.

    What should I do to get my money back.




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    Oh no. Another problem after Hostpacket. What's happening.

    Thanks for your info Michael

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    I'm not one to put down a host but I've had the same thing happen to me.

    They have fast servers but I don't think anybody even works at Hostignition. I have one basic account with them which I've had for just over one year. I am trying to cancel this account but they don't reply. Its been like this for over four days now. I've already contacted my credit card company and they said they will dispute any future charge.

    I've referred a couple people to Hostignition and they have all waited 3-4 days for a simple reply to emails. Anybody who is currently with them should seriously consider going elsewhere. With so many webhosts to choose from why put up with this?


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    Re: Warning About Hostignition

    What should I do to get my money back.


    Simply do a chargeback.

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    Same thing happened to me.

    Here's my story:

    After a few months, I was upset with their service, so I decided to cancel through their procedures on their site. No emails replied back. I had already moved my whole site to another location so my Hostignition account was no longer being used, but it was still active. I emailed a BUNCH of email addresses again requesting cancellation for a second time. No reply.

    I kept getting charged every month. I did a chargeback on two of them. I finally got a hold of someone at the company and they said they apologize and the account was now closed.

    Next month, I get an email that I was charged... whole chargeback process again. Month after, still got charged again. Couldn't get this whole ordeal straightened out so I had to report them as Fraud to First USA and they took care of it for me... Big pain in my arse as I had to get my account number changed so they stop doing their darn recurring charges.

    So, folks... be warned.

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    Same Story

    Its odd that you all are having the /same/ problems that I am having with them. I emailed them three different times to cancel my account, with no replies. After a month of trying to contact them, I noticed that they pulled another three months of payment out of my checking account. I emailed them again to ask how come my account had not been canceled and if I could get a refund, but have not yet heard back from them. In the meantime, my check card has expired and they will no longer be able to take money from my account. I guess it'll be canceled once they try to take money out again.

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