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    Question Is it often like this????

    i bought a hosting package in maybe couple of months ago.And now they offer the same package for free for one year .Don't those guys know where to put money?Do web hosting companies often do like this???

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    Well, I guess they changed their business model. The hosting industry is in a constant state of flux and change. Business models are constantly being changes to keep up and stay competitive. What worked 2 years ago will have no relevance on what will work now or tomorrow. It's evolve or go extinct. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    57 is a French company* founded in 1999.

    Despite their url they have nothing to do with Christianity

    They offer UNLIMITED traffic on their rock bottom priced hosting packages, which means that they are dishonest, using misleading advertising methods, and won't get away with it in the UK for long. Unlike Australia, the British Authorities will take swift action to stop get rich quick crooks like this.

    You'll see.

    As to your wasted investment.

    Why not write them a *polite letter* explaining how you feel, and see if they offer any way of lifting your spirits?

    Then come back here and tell us what they said.

    *French. Remember Credit Agricole, Canal Plus etc. etc. Not a good time to invest in French Companies, especially with such dubious hosting packages.

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    Dear CMJC,
    You understood me wrong.I didn't mean that i wasted my money choosing Amen.In fact,i am very satisfied about them.I was just wondering if all web hosting companies can afford to do such promotions.....
    P.S.I know that they are French and, as they are very big in France, i chose them in UK....
    Anyway thanks for attention...

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    Well it is a daring marketing strategy but if they have the cash flow to support it...

    If a large hosting company does this then it's a sales strategy
    If a small hosting company does it then it's a last desperate attempt to get some customers (expect those to close doors very soon)

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    Oh you wasted your money alright, you'll see.

    Use your time here to learn why, and seek out an honest web hosting service.

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