Ensim Reseller Plans
All plans include the following...
  • Ensim Webppliance 3.1 (http://www.ensim.com)
  • connection to uunet and level3
  • test the speed on the server http://speed.neatoelito.com
  • unmetered domains, users, ssh, ftp, email, etc..
  • create your own custom packages to sell.
  • 2 name servers ns1 and ns2.yourdomain.com
  • weekly backups to a additional harddrive.
  • additional backups available upon request.
  • you have the ability to restart everything on the server such as: www, email, ssh, ftp, ensim, mysql
  • You don't need to contact support if something goes down. You can easily restart it.
  • support via email, aim, yahoo, msn, or over the phone.
  • all major credit cards accepted.
  • $0 setup for these plans

Now for the pricing which is based on Bandwidth and Drive Space..
  • 2GB Space, 15GB Bandwidth $20/mo
  • 3GB Space, 22GB Bandwidth $30/mo
  • 5GB Space, 40GB Bandwidth $40/mo
  • 7GB Space, 60GB Bandwidth $65/mo

IP addresses are an additional charge.

If you are interested in any of these packages or would like additional information please contact me:

[email protected]