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    MotleyFool's SwanSong! 7 resellers on a P4 / 512 MB

    Hiya All,

    I am offering a power reseller plan of

    5gb space
    40 gb of multihomed non-Cogent bandwidth

    at 40$/mo

    WHM /CPanel reseller plans.

    As many domains as you may reasonably host.

    P4, 512 MB RAM , 60 GB IDE Harddisk, Global Compass DC

    1 week to set up [you can pay me after that no problem]

    There will be exactly 7 resellers on this server

    Anonymous hostname, servername and private nameservers.

    In addition anonymous support is available to your customers at an affordable 1$/mo/domain [This is optional ofcourse]

    This is a one off offer.

    I currently have 2 servers; one FreeBSD mainly for mail and the other CPanel where I have 2-3 resellers and my shared hosting domains.

    This offer is on a new third server I have ordered, exclusively for resellers who are serious about their hosting business and want uptime, reliability and low server load.

    Once this server gets filled up with 7 customers I wont be selling hosting anymore [unless some one leaves me and I need to perk up the revenue again]

    For those who are following my threads I have decided not to take up any job offers ...

    Thanks every one for their time

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