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    Question turnkeyhosting ?

    my search for turnkeyhosting resulted in only one post that didn't not provide the info I wanted. Please post any personal experiences you have had with this host ( they have an offer that I like.

    I am also looking at pagezone , , . Please advise on these, also (I haven't found negative posts on these).

    I have some that already seem to have a good reputation here, like , , but these are a little pricey. Yes, I have read enough of WHT posts to know that I can't expect much from a host that charges 20 dollars a year.

    Thank you very much

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    After about 12 hours since I posted the above, I was really excited to finally get to check the replies I received... But no one.

    Ok, even if you haven't dealt with these guys personally, have you heard anything? Can you tell me ANYTHING?


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    I've talked to the owner or a sales person via email one day when I was looking for a host.

    The person was able to response to my emails quickly and knew what he was talking about. The person I talked to seems very reasonable enough to work out a good hosting plan to suit my needs.

    I dunno if this is any help but its some possitive info.

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    Their website doesn't come up for me ... looks like their down .

    There up ... it's .net not .com.
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    they must be down... 3:13 ct...

    they had (have?) a great plan, I thought, but I guess besides this incident, not many people know about them, so I won't go with them. I want to at least go with someone that some of you guys have heard of.



    I feel like such a retard: it's and they're... up

    very sorry about that, everybody...

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    Yeah thats who I was talking about...

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    thank you for replying again.

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