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    Exclamation Viewing contents on HD

    Got a hard drive that came out of a RAQ4 - the O/S on it is corrupt and I need to just view the files on it so that I can copy them down and put them on the new HD.

    I tried putting it into a 2000 Server box as a slave drive, no luck, shoulda guessed.

    Can anyone tell me how I can go about viewing the information on there as the HD is not bad, just the O/S is. What system can I hook it up to, etc.

    Please be specific on this as I have never ventured down doing this type of thing and some of the information on there is very critical for us to recover for a client. Thanks in advance.

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    You'll have to mount the drive on another Linux box. You can then browse the drive to recover the files you need.

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    I may be wrong, but I dont think you can mount an EXT2/3 drive with windows... you need to boot linux, then use mcopy or mount the windows drive (as a ntfs drive) and copy the data, then boot back to windows

    There is probalby special software for windows to view ext2/3 drives, but i've never looked for it.

    Good luck
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