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    www ???

    Hi all,

    I recently (thruogh Webhost Manager) setup a domain on my server and adjusted the NameServers for the domain with the registrar. However, since then the domain has resolved if entered as "", but when anyone tries to access it using "" it isn't being recognized.

    I'm sure this is something I've missed or messed up during the account creation in Webhost Manager, but since I've been unable to locate any good documentation on this darn program elsewhere I'm hoping someone here could offer me a few good suggestions.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if this has been asked before. I looked but didn't find anything on it.


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    missing A record

    Sounds like you're missing a DNS record to resolve www.

    This can be an A record pointing to the same IP address as "", or it could be a CNAME pointing "" to "".

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    Yeah, that was my first thought, but I double checked it already and have both the A and CNAME pointers for "" to ""

    Is it possible that the registrar has a bug, that is simply not resolving the domain with the www included? Or is that not possible at all.

    I assume that the problem lies within my account creation, but I've never encountered it before and have no clue what I might have done wrong/differently this time.

    This is a really strange one...
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    A flag just went up when you said you have both an A record and a CNAME. You can't do both - you must choose one or the other. If you have both, then Bind won't load the zone file at all, and won't resolve names for that domain.

    The only bug a registrar could have is to not correctly point to your nameservers, as that's all they do. You can do a whois lookup and confirm that the registrar has your nameservers listed correctly.

    This could also be a propagation issue if you have recently changed your nameservers.

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