Hey all. I have two questions that are somewhat related...

1.) When creating a cluster for a web server or application server, what is the software that takes care of the mirroring of information from one server to the next? Does it depend on the operating system, or is there software that works equally well on Linux, Windows and so forth? I wouldn't be amazed if IIS has some sort of software built in, but Apache: I doubt it.

2.) When separating the application server content from the static content, how exactly is this separated? What if I have 5 domains being run off of one web/application server right now, but am looking to expand to one web server and one application server? Since all 5 web sites are intermingled with static content (GIFs, HTMLs) and dynamic content (CFML), can I use the same software that is used for separating content among a clustered environment (even though the web server will not be a part of an application cluster?)

Thanks. Any help appreciated. I'm ideally looking to run Linux/Apache for both the web server and application servers.