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    Does anyone here have any experience with It was recommended to me, but they don't seem to have any customer support. They claim to be available 24/7 through AIM, MSN, etc. but I haven't been able to contact them that way. They also have a ticketing system--haven't replied. And their "sales" phone is a voicemail--they haven't returned the message. Their package sounds great and like I said, it was recommended.

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    Yeah I'm with them... there an ok host.

    I hardy ever need to use the support so I don't bother with the support at Imhosted.. which is probably while i think their a 'good' host.

    However, my view varies as in the past while Imhosted have been let down via complaints through WHT about no support. Its sad really because there a good company which has like no support atall. You could sit on AIM/MSn or whereever and still nobdy would come online!

    I've been with Imhosted a few months now and their uptime is good, except their was a 12 - 15 hour downtime last month which was not good. Theres only ever been just a few small hich ups, nothing else big.

    Do a search for Imhosted over WHt and you'll find out what people really think of them...

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    I think results here have 0 positives and a handful of complaints IIRC.

    Use this forum's search and find out yourself?
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    I'd also like to know more about ImHosted ...

    I'm on the lookout for a new hosting provider, and I came across these guys (ImHosted) while searching.

    In fact I (almost) signed up with them, and am still considering doing so, but I hesistated as a few things didn't seem right ...

    They have some great looking packages, but I'd advise caution for the following reasons :

    Reason 1)

    They had a pop-up dialog box coming up on their homepage, with an offer I liked & tried to sign up for ($8.95 monthly for 500 Mb storage). But the offer wasn't available on their signup / payment pages.

    I emailed their customer support about this, and while I received a response it was a long time coming - about 5 days before they responded.

    Note, I notice they've now removed this pop-up dialog box, which I'm glad to see. If the offer's not avialable, I'd rather they don't advertise it.

    Reason 2)

    I suspect they have no physical staff presence in the U.S., despite their claimed office in "West Palm Beach, Florida" on their Contact Us page.

    I suspect their staff are based soley in Queensland, Australia (the other office they have on their "Contact Us" page), while their servers are located in the U.S.

    [ Of course there's nothing wrong with Aussie - based staff ... they're top-notch employees ! ]

    I suspect their presence in "West Palm Beach, Florida" is nothing more than a mailing address. In fact they only list a PO Box. I'd say they pay someone an annual fee to collect their U.S. mail from their PO Box for them, and forward it onto their "real" office in Queensland, Australia.

    Consider that their listed telephone numbers (for which you get a voice-mail when you ring them) have a 206 area code, which is Seattle, Washington. This DOESN'T correspond with their PO Box in West Palm Beach, Florida.

    They're just using free, virtual telephone numbers provided by K7, visit

    All K7 numbers have a 206 area code, they're all free, and they're all available to anyone world-wide. The voice messages are just emailed to them. Thus they could easily receive their mesages from Queensland, Australia.

    Also, they use Revecom (visit ) as their credit card provider.

    Revecom are a third-party-processor who can be used by any merchants world-wide (thus also fitting in nicely with an operation based in Australia).

    Like I said, nothing wrong with Aussie - based staff, but it makes me a bit suspicious when the company appears to be hiding these facts.

    I could also be wrong ... ImHosted, if you REALLY DO have physical staff located in West Palm Beach, Florida, it'd be appreciated if you could provide some evidence of this.

    I'd like to hear other opinions on ImHosted though, as I'm still considering them. Their plans are attractive.

    I'd also like to hear from the WHT user "HostMagix". I presume HostMagix is an ImHosted reseller, as his plans mirror theirs.

    Have a look at his plans at and you'll see that he's an ImHosted reseller.

    If you don't mind giving us the inside gossip HostMagix, what's your opinion of ImHosted ?? Are they a company you'd recommend to others ??

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    ImHosted claim to have a 99.5% Uptime Guarantee ...

    Originally posted by Axel Teflon
    ... their uptime is good, except their was a 12 - 15 hour downtime last month which was not good. ...

    ImHosted claim to have a 99.5% Uptime Guarantee, which is backed up by either a partial or full credit of the month's hosting fee if they fail to meet that target :

    When they had the 12 - 15 hour downtime, did you make a claim under their Uptime Guarantee ? Did they honour it, and credit your account ?

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