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Thread: Back on market?

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    Back on market?

    How long generally will it take for a domain to come back on the market after canceling it? As it cost more to transfer a domain then it dose to register a new one so I want to cheat sort of.

    With godaddy for my domain at the moment.

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    ~45 days mostly? I wouldn't chance it, though. Likelihood it'll get snapped up by *someone* = approaching 100%.

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    At GoDaddy it's about 75-78 days approx. You really should consider transfering it before it expires because there is no guarantee it will be available to re-register, because it may never drop. But instead may be bought by somebody else.
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    Here's a good diagram: Life Cycle of a Typical gTLD Domain Name. It varies hugely between TLD though..

    I wouldn't risk it for the few dollars you'd safe, unless it's a really really unattractive name that you know no one will pick up for "tasting" in the grace period. I actually expect a lot of these domain tasters will be using an automated script to be honest, would be trivial. So even unattractive domains could be snapped up.

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    I think it will be better to transfer it by sounds of it.

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