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    I cancelled cpanel from at the end of 7-02. I cancelled the proper way and was told by support it was cancelled. I continue to get invoices and they have tried billing my credit card twice. The last time for almost $200 that i dont owe them. Any emails to billing get no response. Luckily I drained the CC account when I cancelled. Then they sent me emails asking for a change of payment method. Sloppy Billing?......Understaffed?....Pain in the..........

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    Call them. I can never get through to somebody via email or AIM.

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    Dear BurstNET Customer;

    Please be advised BurstNET is currently implementing a new billing software package. Our billing procedures and our billing dept availability will be affected. Please note the following;

    1) Your BurstNET invoices and/or statements will look different.

    2) Invoices are prorated, to your one monthly billing date, hence you may have an odd invoice amount during next 30 days.

    3) Cancellations from the past 2 weeks, and the next 3 weeks, may be mis-placed...due to the system overlap. If you think a cancellation was misplaced, and you are still getting billed for a canceled account,

    please send an email to: [email protected]

    Also, if you need to request a refund for billing errors, please fill out the online request form at:

    4) The BurstNET billing dept has been, and will be, overloaded with work...during this procedure. Phone support from the billing dept will be unavailable until the end of Sept, except for emergency situations. Your best method of contact is via email to [email protected] & [email protected] Please be patient while waiting for a response. This software change will make things simpler and more efficient for our company and our clients once the transition is completed.

    5) You will soon have a web interface to login to your billing account with BurstNET. You will be able to view invoices and statements, and make payments online. You may receive a notice asking you to update you billing payment/information thru this interface. Please do so immediately to avoid suspensions and late notices, etc...

    Warm Regards,

    Sandi Howard

    Credit Manager

    BurstNET Technologies, Inc.

    BurstNET™ - The Speed the Internet Travels™

    To place an order, or for more info, contact;

    BurstNET Technologies, Inc.™ - BurstNET™

    Toll Free 24/7/365 Support: 1-877-BURSTNET

    Phone (570) 343-2200 - Fax (570) 343-9533 - [email protected]

    PO Box #591 Scranton, PA 18501-0591 USA

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