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    New Merchant Account needed

    Hello , unfortunately due to paystamps closure we are looking for a new credit card payment option, we are a uk based company and if possible would like to deal in the uk, can anyone suggest anyone that doesn't have a too high setup fee? any answers would be appreciated

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    Didnt reliase that paystamp has closed, they still appear to be accepting sign ups.

    Either way:

    There is always worldpay and netbanx who are UK based, or you could always apply direct to a bank like barclays then use protx as the gateway.


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    They have got the following warning on the signup page:

    Please note that the credit card service offered by paystamp is temporarily unavailable. You will not be able to immediately accept credit card transactions from your site. We apologise for the inconvenience, and are working towards a solution. For more information please contact [email protected].

    Not sure if this means that they have shut down or are experiencing problems at the moment

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    They have shut down, the bank has seen them as 'high risk' and have discontinued there services - im looking at alot of merchant accounts on the net and most of the ones that im finding have very bad websites,are reselling for someone else and also look like they cant actually offer the product. Im running out of ideas
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    You can login to

    may be some help to you.

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    Although I am not sur if they will work with UK banks we just started up with - it's sort of a quaasi merchant account, but really has some great features like subscription based billing. Someone signs up and the system automatically bills them again at whatever intervals.

    Warning - they charge a hefty 5% on your fees, but not really any other monthly fees so it's just about a wash.

    They are

    Good luck.

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