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    Advertising on webhosting directories??

    I just ordered a showcase on and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them?? What kind of results did you get?? I have some more money left for my advertinsing budget and was wondering where else is good to advertise??
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    Hi, is a pretty good site to advertise thats what I've seen but haven't really paid for it yet. We are just starting out with out hosting biz too. I've been looking around and found a few other sites which are go to put your site on.

    Try those out if you want.
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    Thumbs up TopHosts

    TopHosts drive targeted sales leads to many hosting companies and they have a lot of long term customers which is a good sign. Their rates are very high so make sure you get a good deal from them

    For more feedback on webhostdir type 'webhostdir' and '' in the search box
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    WebHostDir has got some very good rates for the amount of traffic they receive no doubt. TopHosts is very very strong, but also very very expensive. Unless you've got major ad bucks, I'd suggest spreading your money around some of the smaller directories rather than blowing it all on one like TopHosts.
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