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    Excellent SiteSubmission tips

    I have hand picked the best most useful links in regards to site submission from this profound website
    Host providers would do well, to freely offer such info to your webhost clients.

    SUBMISSION TIPS for "Directories"

    Don't submit your site to spider-based services too often. This is easy to do if you submit to two sites that use the same spider service's results. If you submit your site too often (once every six weeks until your site is accepted is recommended), it's viewed as overzealous marketing, or "spamming." This can get your site's ranking lowered or its listing dropped. (click link above for complete article)

    The robots.txt file is easy to create because the syntax is simple. You can place it in the site's root directory to control robot access to the entire site instead of placing directives into individual pages. Complete story:

    DYNAMIC URL'S & tips on submission
    Dynamic URLs are addresses that typically contain these symbols: ampersand (&), percent sign (%), equal sign (=), dollar sign ($) or question mark (?).
    While a lot of content management solutions might appear to be able to improve the situation, you might later find that these symbols are still the kiss-of-death to your site's visibility in search engines. Read the full story here:

    CLOAKING alert!
    On the I-Search Discussion List, Marshall Simmonds, manager of Search Engine Relations at, posted conversations he had with representatives from AltaVista, Inktomi and Northern Light. Sentiments expressed were simple and to the point: Web sites that cloak will be permanently banned from their search engine databases.
    Full Story:

    Did you know that 95 percent of submissions to crawler-based services are turned away as inappropriate, and Web sites that intentionally deceive the search audience can be banned for life by some of the major services? So how should you navigate such treacherous waters? A search engine optimization shop can help.
    Full Story:

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    Thanks for the resources

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    While there's some good information there, some of it is really dated (I'm judging just from the extracts posted here, I haven't looked at the linked info).
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