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    Hosting tiny website

    OK, so it may not be tiny but it is definately small. The site I'm looking to set up shouldn't grow to exceed 10 MB, at most. In looking for a hosting plan at about 20 MB, I find most companies start at 50 and 100 MB.

    In reading the collected wisdom of this board, you seem to caution against companies that promise excess size at a minimum price.

    Do any of you have experience with a hosting company that is good with such small sites? Service and support are very important considerations as well.


    B J

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    Many hosts offer customised plans. If you have spotted any you like the look of, why not email their sales dept and ask if they can customise a plan to suit your needs (smaller amount of diskspace etc)?
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    i should think some nice soul would offer you that for free
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    B J,
    Space and bandwidth are increasingly getting cheaper these days...
    it is support that matters mostly.

    We'll find that most companies are actually having the machines in identical data center, thus performance should always be the same. Human support is the factor.

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    Hi BJ

    There are several things you can do to try to find a host that offers a smaller plan.
    Keep in mind MANY hosts are not regulars here, so there are good choices for hosting other than hosting companies that hang out here.
    Try doing a search by requirement:
    This forum also has a special offers might find something there and WHD also has one...
    Hope this gets you going in the right direction!
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