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    Red face What is the best (384 MB) VPS Plan ?

    Please help me to chose the best I need

    * 10 GB Space
    * up than 300 GB Bandwidth
    * 1 Dedicated IPs
    * cPanel / Plesk


    Wired Tree 49 $

    * 384MB Guaranteed SLM RAM
    * 40GB RAID-10 Disk Space
    * 600GB Bandwidth
    * 4 Dedicated IPs
    * cPanel / WHM
    * Virtuozzo 4 with Power Panel
    * Fantastico, RVSkin, WHMCS Available

    LiquidWeb 60$

    * 20 Gigabytes Storage
    * 200 GB's Transfer
    * 256MB RAM Guaranteed
    * 512MB RAM Burstable
    * 4 IP Addresses
    * Cpanel/WHM/Fantastico/XController

    Servint 49 $

    * 1 GB Burst RAM
    * 384 MB Guaranteed RAM
    * 15 GB Storage
    * 500 GB Monthly Transfer
    * 4 IP Addresses
    * CentOS 4 Operating System
    * cPanel and Plesk 8 Available

    Steadfast 45 $

    * 25 GB of Disk Space
    * 400 GB of Monthly Data Transfer
    * Fair Share CPU
    * 384 MB - Guaranteed RAM
    * Fully Managed
    * DDoS Protection


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    WiredTree was excellent when I used them and based on the reviews they've been getting, it looks like they still are.

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    WiredTree has a great rep around WHT, Although I'll add that my two months with a VPS from SteadFast for a personal project about 6 months back was great, and I'd highly recommend 'em if you don't mind the lack of cPanel.

    If you want cPanel, WiredTree is the way to go on this list for sure.

    Best of luck!
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    I only have personal experience with WiredTree, LiquidWeb and ServInt. My choice would be WiredTree.

    If you're open to suggestions, have you also considered

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    I've used Steadfast before and never had a problem with their VPS and my friends always tell me good things about WiredTree. However, I know WiredTree is managed, and I think Steadfast is not. Either way, I think both are excellent choices.

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    WiredTree is absolutely awesome in all respects. I've only been with them for about 2 weeks, but my 384 VPS blows away my dedicated server that I just cancelled with PC-Core/BurstNET. I would assume that WT's network is more robust - my web sites now just snap into place.

    I am most impressed with WT's support - "fully managed" really means fully managed, and I can now finally relax. Ticket response times are nearly instantaneous.

    I am lovin' it!

    BTW - check to see if WiredTree is still having their lifetime 10% off promotional.

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    Thanks For All

    I Think I will go for Wired Tree

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    WiredTree is great for Managed vps! best of luck.

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