My name is Richard Andersson. I've been on the net since 1996. I've been a contracted webmaster for 2 year (1998-2001), where I controled sites for eFront.

I am searching new projects to work on and earn some money from.

I've developed tons of sites since my debute on the net, I own 7 domains. Such as: www.exitpopup.com www.deffe.com www.kopochsalj.se www.mpegseek.com and so on.

I've also worked for a company called "Webupdate" (the name says it all) where I toke care of their PHP and MySQL coding section.

I am able to code everything from simple HTML to more advanced PHP/MySQL chats and such. Also smaller eCommerce sites. I Prefear jobs that takes about 1-90 hours of active work. I accept hourly payments or Set amounts. I would prefeer a set amount and I gues you will to.

I Also know JAVA, C++, ASM, Pascal and a few other none webbased languages (but they are not my proffession).

Please contact me if you feel that we might be able to work something out. I am not to expencive/hard to deal with.

Richard Andersson
ICQ: 14746146
Mail: [email protected]