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    Venturesonline down?

    venturesonline down?
    why I can not open the site? I am in China!

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    I'm in Europe and their page loads fast. I recommend you to do a trace route in order to check where the problem is located.

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    Loads fine for me from Australia

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    I guess there must be something wrong with chinese network, because I even can not open google for a couple of days!
    does anyone know what is wrong?

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    hehe, they are blocking it

    ps. use some US based proxy and hopefully it will work for you

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    Originally posted by voxtreme-matt

    Maybe that's why...
    Gotta laugh at this, from the article:

    The site was repeatedly inaccessible when tested by BBC News Online using a system developed by researchers at the Harvard Law School.
    I don't want my lawyer anywhere near my network.

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    If you got to you can see live status information concerning your servers, and the site is located on a completely separate network. From

    We have had several reports of network connection issues to our servers. Here is what is going on:
    There is a routing issue on the Internet due to Reach Network's peering. This is affecting some of our overseas customers. We have tried to route around it on our end, but are unable to influence the path away from this route point. They continue to advertise routes but are not able to forward the traffic, thus blackholing some of the Internet. We are trying to contact someone to fix it at their end, but are not able to reach anyone. We have notified our carriers, and they are activley working it.

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