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Thread: Some Questions

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    Some Questions

    I have recently aquired some hosting

    i have a domain at and few at i want to now use my hosting.

    I know i need to point my DNS to the webhost, but do i need to change the IP address as well (the domain points) to

    and also wot if i only change the IP address and leave the nameservers will this work and if so why would that be any good ?

    Before you say ask your host i have posted this on the forum too.


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    no idea about the UK domain - but Joker is easy when you get used to them

    Your webhost must send you a welcome letter that includes their name servers. These two can be entered when you log into Joker - just go to "service zone"

    Your domain's IP number is then handled by your host's name serrvers - so should not be a problem for you.

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