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    Lightbulb Need of control panel

    Anyone know a good control panel for *users* only thats compatible with FreeBSD and wont take control of my whole system and edit everything that has been done to it?

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    That's asking for a lot eh? Just kidding. . . . I only know of a few that runs on FreeBSD, one of them, Plesk.

    Though depending on the type of changes you make to the httpd.conf.include file, Plesk overwrites any changes.

    Depending on the type of changes you want to make, it's a toss up if you can included it in from another file.

    Right now, I'm working on a FreeBSD control panel though I maybe releasing as Open Source in hopes to get people involved in the development of it. . . User authentication, themeing, and structure are completed as well as part of the tech support and customer management.

    Still gotta find more resources on the commands and procedures that makes the server light up
    Free co-branded portal solutions
    Free PHP Based Submission Script and Windows based message board notifier

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    same need

    This is exactly what I am looking for also.

    I like having control over everthing on the server. But I am running into a problem where clients I set up want to be able to control passwords, add users and manage email aliases.

    So if there is something that will run like this I would love it.

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