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    Professional design/template for sale


    I would like to put this layout up for sale since I could use some extra money at the moment. The original idea was to use it for one of my own upcoming sites, but for the already stated reason i am selling it.

    Please PM or email me your bids, and i will post the highest bid here as soon as i receive it. I would like bidding to start at US$ 50. As for preferred method of payment, we can discuss that after the auction is over (or just contact me and we can discuss it now).

    URL to layout:

    Note: This screenshot has not been reduced in quality so it may take a little while to load, sorry for the inconvenience :p

    Current highest bid: None
    Nico V.
    KazaaSkins.Com - Now online!

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    Nice layout.... what do you expect you'll get for it?

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    i think you'd get higher with a few pics?

    Jonny b
    UK Reseller, Dedicated & Collocation Accounts

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