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    How do I sell a domain name to someone?

    I'm planning on putting it on a forum and selling it to someone.

    Do I then tell the person my paypal account?

    Let's say he pays me, then how do I trasnfer it from my domain registrar to his?

    And then do I need to confirm anything?

    Sorry for the questions, beginning at this.

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    I would never use paypal to sell domain names unless you know the buyer is reputable person.
    There is no recourse if buyer use hacked in paypal acct or request refund.
    You will lose domain and NO money in your acct.
    Use escrow sevice although have some way to get scammed, it's still better than paypal.

    Use Moniker escrow if your domain is at Moniker.
    There is another new escrow service which only deal with domains.
    It's at
    I am not associated with above url in any way.
    But, I do know owner from other domain related forum
    and he is highly respected domainer.

    As for transferring domains - I do not recommend this. It's better to push the domain to buyer's acct at same registrar after you got money.

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    I would never use Paypal for selling names. As other people have suggested services like moniker, sedo or would work securely.

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    (1) May I know why you said to push the account using the same registrar?

    Is it because if there are any problem, the registrar can reverse the entry?

    (2) Other than paypal, the only option i know of is to use the credit card...what other options can be used that is safe?

    Thank you

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