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    Web Site Translation Services!


    Why not expand your userbase to German, English or Dutch

    We can translate your site and give it back to you in html the same as you gave it to us in english!

    A normal hosting web site will be around $29.95 although we are glad to do quotes.

    Only have a few pages and its not likely to be over $14.95!

    Updates to your site are at $12/hour. Min of 1/2 hour charges.

    Please Contact me at [email protected] if you are intrested.
    HiStyle Internet Services Limited
    Phone (NZ): 0800 DOT COM
    Phone (World): +64 27 407 9982
    ICQ#: 64972410

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    Would you want to hire my wife to add Korean translations to your portfoilio of services? - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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