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    how to clear server cache memory ?


    i just have a new server with 8GB of ram

    no sites works on the server yet and used memory reach 90% of the 8GB RAM after about 12hours uptime

    cache memory after few hours uptime

    i thought the problem is the apache 2 , so i installed apache 1 instead of apache 2 and restart the server just some minutes ago

    but cache memory increasing slowly

    i am using centos 5.2 , cpanel

    please help if you know how to disable server cache memory

    the only way i know is to restart the server (restart apache dont help)

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    The cache is essentially harmless, it will only increase the performance of your system and is intelligently managed without your interaction - there's no reason to worry about it. As long as you're not swapping (which you aren't), you should be good to go.

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    I recommend reading this:

    Cache memory is not really "used", because it will get dumped immediately if an application needs to use that memory. It does help by speeding up disk reads of commonly accessed files and what not.

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    thank you layer0
    thank you The Universes

    you both really helped me by your informations

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