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    New Webmin Mod coming

    Hi everybody.
    I decided to stall webmin on one of the machines on my home network and try to develope and easier to use version of it. It will be a lot like cpanel when I get done with it. Same with Usermin.

    Would anyone like to beta test it when I'm finished? Not sure how long it will take because I'm pretty busy but if you want to try it out, post a reply or PM me.

    I'll keep everybody posted on the progress and post screen shots as I finish parts.

    Server Manager:
    • Bind
    • Apache
    • ProFTP
    • SMTP
    • POP
    • MySQL
    • Interchange
    • FrontPage Extensions Manager
    • Package Setup - Very detailed
    • Account Setup
    • Easy Quota Management
    • Bandwidth Monitor
    • Add/Edit/Delete Zones
    • Domain Forwarding
    • Domian Pointing
    • Suspend Account
    • Delete Account
    • SSL Manager
    • Backup Manager
    • Server Stats
    • Cluster Manager
    • IP manager
    • RPM/Module Manager
    • Security/Firewall
    • Restart Services
    • and all the basic stuff

    User Control Panel:
    • E-mail account manager
    • Subdomain manager
    • Webmail
    • File Manager
    • Redirects
    • PHPMyAdmin
    • FTP Manager
    • Interchange Shopping Cart
    • Banner Rotator
    • Auction Software
    • Password Protected Directories
    • Promotion: Meta Tag/Doorways/Search engines/FFA's
    • Hotlink Protection
    • FormMail
    • Advanced Forum
    • Advanced Guestbook
    • Cron Manager
    • Add Domain
    • Park Domain
    • Usage Stats

    Future Ideas for User Control Panel:

    • TGP Script
    • Pic Post Script
    • Search Engine Script
    • FFA Script
    • Classifieds Script
    • Affiliate Program Script

    If anyone has any ideas, let me know. This is going to take a while but I believe it's going to be nice. I haven't figured out how to do reseller features yet but I'll figure it out.
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    I will be happy to test it when a beta is ready.


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    Sure I could throw it into a box too. Just PM me when you need me. I might even want to place it on a live box if it's stable enough.

    Are you considering releasing this as a free mod, GPL or charge license fees?

    I love webmin so this would be a nice change from CPanel

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    I am extremely happy to see this kind of mod.
    I will help you to test it.

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    If I do charge anything it will be very minimal.
    $30-$50 one time fee per server. How does that sound?

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    I would also like to help beta test it. Let me know.
    Aaron Wendel
    Wholesale Internet, Inc. -
    Kansas City Internet eXchange -

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    If the amount of features was even half of what CPanel offers (and if that half would include the important features, of course)I'd gladly pay $35-$50/server.

    Have a look at adding a function for managing multiple servers and perhaps automatic account setups when sent certain strings from orderforms/scripts. Would get you a lot more clients.

    Cheers and good luck!

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    30-50 per server would be awesome, and we would throw it on a box on our network. Looks like you got the frame of it looking really good. Can not wait until we see a screenshot or something.

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