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    Question Copy of DNS across 2 servers

    Does anyone know, the zone files for DNS, can they just be copied over to another server and it work fine?

    IE: On RAQ 1 all the zone files are there. If I copy them to RAQ 2 (same type, same OS) so that the DNS is redundant and across two machines (like it is supposed to be ) will it work, or do I need to go into RAQ 2 and start typing in a bunch of A and MX records all over again?

    Thank you in advance....

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    You don't need to do any of those things.
    Just edit the SOA of the domains you want secondairy DNS for and set primaire ns to raq1 and secondairy to raq2.
    Then go into raq2 and add a secondary domein record with the ip of the first machine.
    This is the way it shoul be done, and if you change something in the dns at raq1, raq2 will automaticly copy the changes.

    Good luck !

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    Ok, this is just something that we are playing with on a couple of RAQ2 servers. Can this still be done with these servers? The options that are in the RAQ2's are not quite as good on the RAQ4's.

    If it can be done, what do I use on the primary RAQ to make the seconary RAQ see it, and vice versa?

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