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    Does anyone use

    I've been searching a lot for a merchant available to Canadians and I found I am interested in using their services. Anyone with them or heard about them? I tried a search on WHT and nothing came up. Any feedback is appreciated.

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    One of my clients have an account with them. They provide good service.

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    I'm not really familiar with them, but their prices seem to be quite good. I also like the fact that they provide the merchant account and have a partner program.

    Their prices are as follows for those interested. These are in US funds so you can multiply by approx. 1.6 to get the Canadian equivalent.

    Setup: $310.0
    Monthly Fee: $25.00
    Per Transaction: $0.10
    Discount Fee: 3.95%
    Weekly Remittance: $5.00

    They also have an advanced program with a higher setup and monthly fee but a lower discount fee.
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