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    * email on raq, website on other server - help!

    I've got a website running on a server not on our network and want to receive email on our cobalt. I set the virtual site up as I have an A record pointing to the ip address and an mx record pointing high priority mail to

    The web server has mx records set to point and to and an A record for pointing to the same IP on the cobalt.

    I can send mail to others without problem. I can send and receive mail when using another account on the same server. However, when I had someone else reply to an email I sent to them, they received a delivery failure message that stated: Reason: Illegal host/domain name found.

    Am I missing a DNS record? Or is it a propagation issue (the records were changed this morning)? Being somewhat of a linux *****, how do I investigate this further?

    Your help is appreciated. Thanks.


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    This looks like a DNS issue, and if you changed the records this morning it probably is.
    Just wait 24hrs and i think the problem will be solved.

    btw can the one trying to send you an email visit your website?

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