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    We have upgraded our hosting plans, and want to give YOU a free trial, NO credit card

    Hey all you WHT readers! We have just upgraded our hosting plans to have MUCH more space and bandwidth available, and also waiving ALL of our setup fees.

    To celebrate the huge upgrade, we are offering 4 people FREE 4 day trials of our newly upgraded "Beginner" account. The 4 day free trial begins when the domain name resolves, or if you don't have a domain name, it starts when I create the account (you can access the site via an IP). Here are the features for the account.

    100 MB Space
    2.5GB Transfer
    5 MySQL DBs
    10 POP3 Email addresses, forwarders, autoresponders
    5 Email lists
    Unlim. FTP Accounts
    2 Sub-Domains
    CPanel 4.9
    Private Cgi-bin
    Webalizer Stats
    FrontPage Extensions
    Much, much more

    Click here to take advantage of this offer. In the comments box enter "WHT 2016" and let me know if you have a domain name. Skip the payment step.

    Currently: 4 available

    Have a good day
    Cube X Hosting
    AIM: CubeXH, Yahoo: CubeXH
    ICQ: 141385855

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    It would help if you would state the prices in the thread... most people won't click the link...

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    The price for the Beginner Plan is normally $2.95 per month Thanks.
    Cube X Hosting
    AIM: CubeXH, Yahoo: CubeXH
    ICQ: 141385855

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