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    Post php caching

    hey guys

    well i thought i'd shair my problem, perhaps someone will know what i'm talking about

    i've created a php script that takes an impossibly long time to finish processing, so i've added into the script, updating echo statements

    it basically outputs every second what section its working on (which is good, as the script on full scan takes 10mins)

    anyway, the problem i have is that either php or apache is caching the outputs, lumping them out in massive heaps, which isnt very nice, espically since it takes about 3 mins before i know if its working, or theres a bug in my script

    if anyone knows any suggestions that might fix the problem, i'm all ears

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    oh, and i've already tryed useing the ob_end_flush function, but it has no noticable effect

    and as for apache, i never found any caching settings, so i'm assuming apache dosn't cache

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