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    Technical Support Representatives Needed


    SBYWEB is expanding already and is in need of another tech support representative. If you're interested please contact me via email [email protected] and include your name, experience, and what you expect in return. We need someone to work our available morning shift from 8 AM - Noon Eastern Time.

    Possible Compensation

    - Cash Payment
    - Services for Free
    - A share of the company profit
    - Brand New Dell Computer System.

    Upon email receipt, we will review your application, and if interested we will give you a phone number to call and talk with us in further detail.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Please Note: Follow the rules of application listed, or you WILL be IGNORED.

    StandByYou Hosting

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    And I could really use a new computer too. Just, the hours are offset for me.

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    Well if you want to email me anyway, I could keep you in contact when I need a worker for other hours.

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    I too am in the +0 GMT timezone in the UK - I've worked with a lot of big companies such as British Telecoms (biggest Telecoms Provider), NTL (same) and Hfc Banking providing customer services, sales and support.

    contact me if you're interested
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    TheAlanFella: You are going to be ignored. My simple request was for an email.

    Peteny: Please have him email me. I wish i did have the time, but i simply dont. I am keeping customers my#1 priority, and not having to visit this topic helps me do that

    Thanks all.

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