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    Logo Needed!! Urgent!! LIMITED BUDGET

    A friend of mine recommended that I sign up with WHT to help me find a good quality logo.

    I am looking for a font based logo to compliment a site that I am currently working on...I dont need anything fancy...just simple and eye-catching...I am on a VERY LIMITED BUDGET as I have spent tons of money on getting my new business up and running...If you prefer, I can offer you a free hosting account for your services...

    Click here to see my current home page

    My only requirement is that the logo is in the following dimensions:


    Thanks in advance

    ACO Images
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    I wonder if the friend that recommended WHT for your logo was the guy from

    He is known for coming here, posting a competition for "low budget" under various aliases and after everyone submits their image he runs off, never to be heard from again. Last time he even claimed the winner was someone that was caught off guard, saying that he did not even participate.

    Sorry but this message smells from 30 feet away.

    Also, if you spent a fortune in developing your web site, what do you think that WHT is, the trailer trash of graphics design? People here deserve a fair compensation for their work as everyone else.
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    This is that person, yes. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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