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    * $6.95 / $7.05 / $7.15 / $7.25 / $7.50 - ENOM Reseller Accounts **FREE**

    Get your ENOM Reseller account NOW!!

    Thing you need to know:

    You need a $100 deposit in the account to register domains...
    or you need your own merchant account...
    or you can use ENOM CC processor (Registry Rocket or API) and pay $0.95 plus 3% for each domain. Here an example of this:

    You want to sell domains at : $8.88
    With a wholesale Price of: $7.25
    You'll earn : $0.42 per domain.
    and Pay $1.21 to ENOM for use the CC processor.
    This is calculated from = $0.95 + ($8.88 * 0.03)

    This is ONLY when you use ENOM CC Processor.
    You dont have to use it if you dont want...

    In the example... you can earn $42 if you register 100 domains using ENOM CC/RR, or you can earn $163 if you register 100 domains by hand

    Another thing you need to know... is that using ENOM CC Processing and/or Registry Rocket, ENOM will keep your commisions for 90 days! (to prevent fraud)
    This is not aplicable if you register by hand or using your own CC processing system/account. (ej. 2checkout)

    **FREE** $7.50 ENOM Reseller Account.

    1) Email me at [email protected] with your desired username.
    2) Register at least one domain in the next 7 days. Or your account will be deleted.

    At any time, you can upgrade your account to :

    $7.25 ----> $10 Setup Fee.
    $7.15 ----> $25 Setup Fee.
    $7.05 ----> $50 Setup Fee.
    $6.95 ----> $99 Setup Fee.

    Linux / CPanel Reseller Accounts w/Enom Reseller Accounts

    Plan Reseller:
    2,5 Gb Disc Space.
    40 Gb Transfer/month. *
    Unlimited everything else.
    1 Dedicated IP.
    Branded CPANEL/WHM Control Panel.**
    $7.05 ENOM Reseller Account.

    Plan Guru Reseller:
    5 Gb Disc Space.
    80 Gb Transfer/month. *
    Unlimited everything else.
    2 Dedicated IPs.
    Private NameServers.
    Branded CPANEL/WHM Control Panel. **
    $6.95 ENOM Reseller Account.

    ----------------[ PRICES ]-------------------

    Reseller..................$59.95/month - FREE Setup.
    Guru Reseller.........$119.95/month - FREE Setup.

    There's also cheaper Reseller Packs for predefined plans.
    (resell our plans on your name)

    Aditional Data Transfer:
    $2,50 / GB in 10GB Blocks.
    $2,00 / GB in 50GB Blocks.

    See for more info.

    * Bandwidth is Tier 1 Carriers, see :
    Tracert to :

    ** Customized control panel, see samples:
    casCP WHM:
    cPanel examples:
    http://demo1:[email protected]:2082/ (standard, english)
    http://demo:[email protected]:2082/ (branded for '' and in spanish lang.)


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    you can just get the FREE reseller account. or other reseller account.
    there's no need to buy the Hosting Reseller pack!, this is just a combo.

    price is for .com / .net / .org / .info / .biz / .us
    and YES, you can have resellers on your reseller account too.

    That answers common questions I had.

    Comments wellcomed.
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