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    dedicated server (un-metered bandwidth)

    CELERON 1.2Ghz
    128MB RAM
    40GB EIDE Drive
    10/100Mbps NIC
    2 Dedicated IP Address

    US$ 99 monthly ( required 6 months prepayment)

    P4 2.0Ghz
    512MB RAM
    40GB EIDE Drive
    10/100Mbps NIC
    2 Dedicated IP Addresses

    US$ 199 monthly ( required 4 months prepayment )

    - un-metered transfers
    - un-metered bandwidth
    - Redhat linux 7.3
    - CPanel/WHM at $45 monthly
    - 1100Mbps HKIX Share Bandwidth
    - 110Mbps International Share Bandwidth
    - Dedicated 10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet Port
    - Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS)
    - Dedicated Diesel Generator
    - 24x7 Air Conditioning and Humidity Control
    - FM200 gas -based fire suppression with pre-action sprinkler system as backup

    All servers are hosted by iAdvantage, which is currently running a network of Data Centre spreading over Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.
    For more information about the data centre, please visit .

    You can ping or trace route : .
    To test the download speed:

    If you are interested, please contact me.

    Chinese Host
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    Do you have a download file i could use to test the speeds?

    Interested to know the speeds i can obtain from Australia.

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    hmm, here in sydney, ping is better than hosts in the u.s... but i don't have a fast connection to test download speeds
    and i suppose the more important thing now is the speed from the u.s...

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    The download speed for that test file actually is far less than impressive (going at about 35 kb/s for me from my PC in the Netherlands, my max download speed is about 130 kb/s).
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    yep, same here ....
    12:37:59 (192.14 KB/s) - `15meg.test' saved [15000000/15000000] from a 100mbit link in the US

    18:57:54 (153.13 KB/s) - »15meg.test« gespeichert [15000000/15000000] from my server the Netherlands
    18:45:09 (42.66 KB/s) - `15meg.test' saved [15000000/15000000] from my DSL at home.

    but hey ... it's in .hk and for this that's alright i'd say.
    also the price is very nice ... you'll get unmetered! for that!
    remember this ...
    if i'd need a server in asia, i'd definately consider this ... but as i don't need one ...

    have a nice day!
    and say hello to Hong Kong from me

    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.

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    Yes, you will have the money back if we leave.
    We also have contract with the data cantre (iAdvantage).

    Chinese Host

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    1,262 - Yipes
    17:59:34 (225.38 KB/s) - `15meg.test' saved [15000000/15000000]
    atrivo - cogent
    14:56:21 (121.25 KB/s) - `15meg.test' saved [15000000/15000000]
    T1 on XO in chicago
    15000000 bytes transferred in 99.5 seconds (147.15 kBps)
    cable server up north east USA
    17:55:51 (167.19 KB/s) - `15meg.test' saved [15000000/15000000]

    not the best speeds but i dont guess to bad considering the location. nice offer and how much bandwidth do you have since your offering unmetered i'm assuming 100mbit or a gige??

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    pretty interested deal.

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