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    Masking the server's hostname


    I'm a reseller about to resell a reseller's account to another reseller!

    What I need to be able to do is either change or mask the server's hostname so my client won't know that the machine actually belongs to another company. How can I do this?

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    You can't, and that is what is so wonderful about the internet.
    When I do a DIG, I can trace the host back to the owner of the server, and all the way back to the datacenter where it is stored.
    So that means you will have to provide enhanced services. If you can't give them something (added value) they can get from your host directly, then they may as well get hosting right from the owner of the server.
    Hosting isn't just a matter of renting space, chopping it up into smaller pieces, and selling it.
    Most people that make a lot of money reselling, are either working their butt off, or cheating everyone. (before you go crazy on me, you must read all the words in that sentence)
    If you really intend to make a living off hosting, (and it still may not be a LOT of money) you will need your own server, then it will have your name on it. It's OK to start small, and work your way up, but expect to make small money until then.

    damn, a reseller about to resell a reseller's account to another reseller? Who contacts whom, when somebody needs support?
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    I wouldn't try doing what your planning on doing with that reselling a reseller acct to a reseller, somebody gonna knock on your door upset!

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    Ofcourse if you use an anonymous hostname, then you don't really have to mask it
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    Originally posted by voxtreme-matt
    Ofcourse if you use an anonymous hostname, then you don't really have to mask it
    My thoughts exactly.

    billybatson, See if your host can possibly use anonymous nameservers so you can alleviate this problem.

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    Well what most resllers or some newer host for that matter do not realize is that the host machine name is on the headers of all bounced emails mailing lists etc. Anyone that does a infoPHP will see the machine name. So a lot of host selling reseller accounts set their servers up using their real host name and then offer anon name servers or private nameservers to their resellers, kind of like shutting the barn door after the horse is gone.

    If someone is serious enough about finding out who the host is they will, all that can really be done is to add extra layers of protection. Name the machine using an anon name like Matt said use private nameservers like Steve said.

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    Ofcourse if you use an anonymous hostname, then you don't really have to mask it

    Yes that may be an option.

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    by anonymous hostnames, u can feel secured > 90%

    see this recent thread on Transparent Reselling also

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