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    Question WebHosting Easy?

    Hi there -

    We're checking out WebHosting Easy software, and just wondered if anyone else has had a chance to look at it? It seems to be kind of a hybrid, with billing software, trouble ticket and control panel features. I don't know how the competition compares on price, but based on what I've seen so far, with the level of support the developer offers, we're looking at it seriously.

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    Has to be the most horrible, greedy pricing I've ever seen. $199 a month?? That's insane! You can teel their business relies on suckers.

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    Get Real

    I have posted in this forum before on webhosting easy and have to make a remark on last post.

    What do you mean "Suckers"?

    If you've been doing monthly, daily or weekly billing with a simple spread sheet like "Access" 'which I'm sure most of you do' and have more than 50 clients, you know how cumbersome it can be running credit cards one by one and then after you spend hours doing that, you get to email each guy who's card is declined which could take another hour or so because half the emails you have on file are no longer any good.

    I have to defend this company by saying, this software has saved my life. If you like having a simple " script running to gather data and then do "Data Entry" so you can get your formmail data into your spreadsheet, "Don't Buy this product".

    If you'd like to never do data entry again, have all your clients invoiced in advanced, billed/charged and then have the client emailed because they have an expired, declined or out of date credit card all in 3 minutes, "BUY THIS SOFTWARE".

    This software is for the serious hosting company or reseller of hosting services. If you cant afford the low price for all this comfort that's Ok, buy please do not make crazy remarks like" Sucker" because you have all of a few clients and cant afford this product.

    Ya know, not everything in life is free and when you run a business seriously, you look for ways to save money. And sometimes you have to spend money for software which in return "Saves you money". Simple business!!!

    I get people calling my hosting company all the time asking me for a break on the price. What a joke, we only charge 9.95 per month with a million services. Heck you and I spend more than that in "Ice blendeds at Starbucks" in an evening but people cant spend that on their business??? Same with software!!!!

    I'm venting because there a lot of real great people trying to run hosting companies as well as software companies and are constantly getting "out of line remarks" and people wanting everything for free and if not, almost free like the last post. People need to make money to stay in business just like you do.

    IF you don't like the product because you cant afford it, just go on and look for the next "freeware" "open source" software. Hey if all those worked so well, why are people still posting in this forum looking for the real deal. Hello McFly!!!

    You might think I work for the company by the way I'm defending this product but your wrong, I'm just another hosting company who has found a great solution. And yes I get fired up hearing things like the last post because since I have purchased webhostneasy, I have had such a one on one relationship with this company 'Which is real rare!" that yes it pisses me off.

    One last thing! If you pay for software that can save you hours of humiliation as well as give you some piece of mind, Buy it and then guess what? YOU GET TO WRITE IT OFF AT THE END OF THE YEAR AS A BUSINESS EXPENSE ANYWAY. IF YOUR MAKING ANY MONEY, YOUR GONNA PAY THAT MONEY IN TAXES.

    BUSINESS 101

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    I see your point. Perhaps I was being a little harsh. I can't really judge it because I've never tried it. All I know is that I use 2 different types of billing software, have thousands of clients and never paid more than $500. I just do not see the value but then again, all I've seen is screenshots.

    I think my outburst was just because I'm so sick of opportunists. People are always looking for the "big score" instead of unerstanding that the Internet is about volume. Creating software at that price is only going to cause open source coders to make free replicas. Who makes any money then?

    Don't get me wrong. It's all about making money but you have to price something properly in order to keep everything in balance. This is why you see tons of cpanels popping up everywhere. Most of them are still being built. Half of them will never get built but some of them will. some of them will be free and at least one of those free ones is going to be so good, that it puts the likes of cpanel, plesk and ensim out of business.

    I don't know about anyone else but I like to make a profit. If greedy companies start overpricing their software everybody is going to lose money in the end.

    It's the same way inflation can kill an economy. These companies need to do a little more research before they destroy this market.

    PS. I hear what you are saying about people looking for a deal. There's nothing wrong with wanting a deal. What's wrong is when clients don't see a deal when it's staring them in the face. My God, what can you get for $10 anymore?? These people can make a fortune from a website hosted for $10 a month, .30 cents per day, just over a penny per hour.

    There still needs to be balance though. Also, I'm very happy that you are getting your moneys worth of the software. That's also important.
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