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    Cheapest Place To Register .JP domains?

    I'm in the market for registering a .jo or domain because me and my friends want to start up a joke around race club that has a .jp website. I think it will be a great plan.

    ANyone know the cheapest place to register the .jp or domain names?


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    You can't get a name unless you have a company in Japan. The cheapest way around this is to have a company in the US and do a branch office in Japan. You're also only allowed 1 per company.

    These restrictions do not apply to "jp" addresses.

    For .jp addresses, the cheapest I've seen in English is about $125 (US Dollars). The cheapest I've seen in Japanese is 4500 yen (about $40) but that was part of a hosting contract, and there's nothing cheap about hosting in Japan.

    On this note, though, I noticed today that every search I could think of on would give me ONLY results that ended in .jp ... which is disconcerting, seeing as a ton of Japanese use that as their first search option.

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    I haven't found the 4,500 .jp registration yet, so I can't verify that it's real.

    The cheapest I've found so far is this:

    . jp registration, one year: 7,950 yen, two years: 13,980 yen.
    Updating for 1 year: 6,880 yen; updating for 2 years: 12,880 yen. (This doesn't include tax, which is about 5% I think.)

    "Updating" means extending or renewing it. 7,950 yen is $66.38 in US dollars at today's exchange rate (see for exchange rates). This is cheaper than the $100 per year I saw at and the $140 per year at another registry. registration is more expensive: 19,048 yen for 1 year. The renewal though is just 6,667 yen.

    I found that here:
    It's a Japanese-language page. "onamae" means "name".

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    try at

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    Originally posted by OldOne
    try at
    That's fine for information about "jp" and "", but I couldn't find anywhere on the site to actually register a domain. Did I just miss it?

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    I think you can only host .jp site in japan...not 100% sure thought

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    I recommend you to ask a price first. If you can understand Japanese, I recommend following two.

    Originally posted by apollo
    I think you can only host .jp site in japan...not 100% sure thought
    You can only host site in japan and you can host .jp site in the world.
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    Thanks for the two links! Those seem like much better options.

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