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    Co-Brand Marketing

    Co-Brand Marketing can be a 'win win' situation for all service providers involved.

    Do you guys ever 'CoMarket' your services.. and 'share' marketing/advertising costs with a non compete provider.. so as to offer 'turnkey' solutions too your potential client base?

    We see 'Co~Branding' going on ALL THE TIME.. with major corp's.. which team up together.. to offer co-branded solutions to the end user..

    ? Why send the customer to surf through mounds of online service providers.. when a 'team' can co-brand and offer a total turn key web launch promotional tool kit?...

    "We is stronger then Me"

    When you team up with non compete solutions providers.. and conduct a mass marketing campaign which is a 'one stop' solution for the web merchant's needs...... you all win.

    A turnkey solution can include:

    Domain Registration
    Domain Name hosting
    Website development & graphic's talent
    Merchant Acct. Services
    Search Engine Optimization
    Affiliate programs

    and other services..

    what's your feedback??

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    I do not believe in co branding. It is your service what you get paid for.

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    This already happens all the time. Design teams work with webhosts, and programmers, and all interchange their services. I wouldn't call it co-branding though. In general each business does a job for whoever needs it done, and the results are passed down to the customer through whichever company picked up the job in the first place.

    You can go ahead and co-brand a system like that if you like, but it seems to be making an issue out of what people do everyday anyway

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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