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    Looking for work in sales AND support.

    I'm looking to work for a hosting company in sales and support, in exchange for a VERY large reseller account + domain name, a dedicated sever + domain name, or money! (Must include some kind of CP if reseller account/dedicated sever.)

    I have knowledge in:

    Forum installation (IBF, vBulliten, phpBB etc.)
    Forum customization
    Domain registration/transfer
    Marketing (One of my forums has 315+ members and has only been open a couple of months.)

    I can handle impatient customers and keep my cool. I am on the computer 6+ hours a day. (I can work nights if needed.) Please PM, email, or IM me if you have a good offer.

    ICQ: 168162143
    Email: [email protected]
    MSNM: Same as email.
    AIM: thejokerwht

    Thanks in advance!

    If you ever need help, e-mail me!
    Remember: "You get what you pay for."
    AOL Instant Messenger Handle: thejokerwht

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    sent you an email

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