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    kill processes+linux

    A user has multiple processes running, I don't want to kill them manually i.e. kill -9 123345 .

    I want to kill them with one command, any idea what the command might be?


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    That can easily be automated with a Perl script :

    let it run a ps and assign the columns of every line to a variable. If the 'owner' column matches the one you want to be killed, let the script kill the 'PID' (variable of column xx) from the same line.

    You can even cron it this way.


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    Thanks Carl, but too much work . I would think there is a way to do all this with one command. Anyone have a clue?

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    Thanks alot!!!

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    Here's one that I find works on many systems ...

    ps waux | grep username | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -9
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