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    In search for a moderator for hosting forum


    I am seeking a moderator for While I still need to have it designed, the forum has some excellent features. Firstly, we have an "Ask a question" section. This section is sponsored by's support team. Registered users are able to come here and ask pretty much anything regarding to web hosting, servers, etc..

    We also have an "Exclusive Discounts" section. This is a paid listing section for web hosts to post their current specials. If I can find a moderator to get good traffic, I'll set up a revenue-sharing program with this section.

    If interested, please email me at [email protected]

    Thank you

    Zachary Boca

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    I'm interested and yes. A well designed forum is due on such a great domain.

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    I know that you didn't ask for a review, but you might want to lower your rates for posting an ad.
    It's a lot easier to gain members if you make things easier for them.
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    We actually have traffic coming to the "Exclusive Discount" section from several other sites, so exposure to that section does not depend on the traffic of the forum.



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    Just link to my forum, and I will link my forum to your directory. Perfect solution eh? If not, sorry for posting in your thread.

    Best of luck >> Web hosting forum
    I own a webhosting community hosted at
    Thank you DomiNET

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    Sounds good. Right now the forum is being redesigned, but after that is back in place, I'll link to your forum.

    Thanks a lot


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    Just wondering - What is in it for the Moderator?
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    interested in exchanging links ( and making me mod in ur forum? )

    but yeah...what is in it for the mod? can he get links on the main site?
    when will the main site be done?

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    Well, until the forums establish some decent traffic, there really won't be much pay back to the moderators. I have several traffic methods for bringing in new members, so I'm hoping this doesn't take too long.

    The forums have several paid listings, in which I will split with the moderator.


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    Well how traffic does your site get? That should be a good estimate for the forum.

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    As of right now we don't have any traffiic at alll, because we have not launched.

    I will be launching RateMyHost along with 2 other hosting sites-- all of which will be heavily promoted, and will link to each other.

    I will also have advertising campaigns running on NexAds, which is the parent of the hosting sites.


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    How much are you willing to pay to the moderators and how many hours of work will be involved?

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