For those of you who read the thread "Yet ANOTHER Lamo!!" before it was removed, there was a template design company mentioned.

I won't mention the company, but those who saw the thread know who it is.

I agree they do GREAT work, their templates look fantastic, and the quality of their work is excellent.

So the observations I make below have no reflection on the quality of thwir work.

Observation #1)

It was mentioned they were banned from this forum for spamming.

They have a well-known reputation on the 2Checkout forum for spam-like behaviour, such as posting the same thread OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Here's an example :

Observation #2)

An older thread previously existed on the 2Checkout forum (which no longer appears) which revealed their IT programming staff are based in the former Soviet Union, in the Ukraine.

They were complaining on the 2Checkout forum, because 2Checkout suspended their account temporarily.

It was temporarily suspended because they registered their 2Checkout account with a U.S. mailing addresss, but 2Checkout discovered they had used a Ukrainian credit card. It turned out the Ukrainian credit card (which they used to register the account) belonged to one of their IT programmers.

You'll notice from their "Contact Us" page on their website, that their is also no mention of the Ukrainian operation.

Rather, they claim on their "Contact Us" page to have offices in the U.S. and Switzerland.

Now, they may well have offices in the U.S. and Switzerland. I'm not claiming they don't. They seem to have a profitable, high-turnover business, so it's quite possible they do have. In fact on the 2Checkout forum they claim to generate US$30,000 monthly in CC turnover.

And there's also nothing wrong with having back-office staff based in the Ukraine. Why not take advantage of cheap labour ? Nike and Reebok do it, as do countless other companies.

That's what allows their business to offer such a high quality product at a low price, while still raking in the profits themselves.

I just thought I'd share these 2 observations with your forum members though, for those who are interested in "behind the scenes" information on companies.

And for those who thought I gave Hostpacket a bad wrap ... they earned that tehmselves with their incompetence & their deceptive business practices. What's the consensus about them now ??