As businesses rely more and more on the Internet for all of their corporate activities, it becomes increasingly important to protect the integrity of your organization's networks. At WiseOnline, we offer a full range of network and security integration services and the training necessary to see you through a seamless implementation of your enhanced networking and security products that will maximize network uptime and enable your company to maintain productivity.

As a local Internet Service Provider in Perth Amboy, NJ USA we offer a range of services. Our services are managed by quality technicians, and services are taken seriously, and performed in a professional matter in which includes dedicated point of contact, real-time status reports, logs of activity taken by our staff, as well as service at a cost-effective rate with our warranty included.

We manage several services of various companies from different type of business models. Our goal is to assure that our clients are satisfied, and is comfortable with the work performed. Our point of business is to perform quality adjustments, with a strong communication and profit from our outstanding services. We gain our highly respected credentials by clients are receive professional services, from a professional foundation of staff.

We deal with our potential clients on a point-to-point contact base and divert our full attention to each individual. In this way of conducting business we would like to offer our WebHostingTalk potential client base various specials. In doing so we request contact to WiseOnline is taken through PM, or e-mail via WebHostingTalk forum to keep a paper trail of all of our WebHostingTalk based responses, and service features.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us. We’re open to all suggestions, as well as all proposals. We provide instant services, as well as Emergency On-Call services. Thank you all for your time, and hope to do business with you.

System Administration:

RedHat Linux
Windows NT/2000/XP
Server Installations
Software Upgrades and Patching
DNS Installation/Configuration/Troubleshooting
Sendmail (qmail/exim/etc) Installation/Configuration/Troubleshooting
Performance Tuning
Bandwidth Monitoring
System and Service Monitoring
Perl Module installation
Installation of any Web Software (bulletin boards like phpbb or vbulletin, webalizer, etc)


Forensic Analysis
Security Assessments (Secure)
Hardening (Patching and Upgrading to make sure systems are solid)
Installation and Configuration of Firewall (Ipchains, Iptables, Commercial Firewalls)
Installation of Network Intrusion Detection
Installation of Host-Based Intrusion Detection
Detection of Rootkits/LKMs/Unauthorized Access
Damage due to Unauthorized Access Cleanups