Hello everyone..

I'm going to try to be brief w/o leaving any details out..

bought 2x 80 gig EIDE HD's and installed them onto a Highpoint rocketraid 133 card.

(this had all worked beautiful with 2x40 and freebsd 4.5)

once I got the machine setup, I installed FreeBSD 4.6.. it had issues installing ports.. would keep locking the box etc...

So I skipped ports and managed to install them myself manually with no problem..

drives were mirrored, everything good.. I got some rsync errors, wasn't quite sure the cause.. didn't think it was gonna be too serious..

I decide to do a raid test one day.. Yank the drive.. put it back in.. no love..

anyhow, if I try to nix the raid (I replaced the drive and it still wont mirror) and I do a pax from drive to drive, I get a ffs_write kern panic and the box dumps..

so.. I was wondering if anyone knew what this meant:

wrote 38608 bytes read 849765 bytes 93512.95 bytes/sec
total size is 43618958 speedup is 49.10
rsync error: partial transfer (code 23) at main.c(925)
receiving file list ... done
wrote 16 bytes read 16819 bytes 6734.00 bytes/sec
total size is 8131708 speedup is 483.02

My main question is.. do you guys think this is a problem with me using the 80 gigs, or what... A friend of mine said he had trouble getting BSD to install on a 120.. but I'm sure its all possible.

Sorry for the lengthy message.. I am just sick of spending money replacing things that doesn't help it... It's remotely colo'd so.. I'm going to bring up some replacement 40 gigs and do things fresh on that if I can resolve it.

Thanks everyone