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    Is good? Anyone use them?

    Was just wondering if is any good. I might be signing up with them soon.. anyone have any past/present experience(s) with them? If so, do tell. And would you recommend them?

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    I can only tell you about my experience. I signed up with them because I needed automatic recurring billing; which they assured me that they I could get. Their site also says that they have recurring billing however after they signed me up and took my money they told me that they no longer offered automatic recurring billing. told me that does offer it, so after going back and forth they finally admitted that there is no recurring billing. I requested my money back in which they eventually agreed to give back however instead of crediting my card they took another $199.00 or $299.00(can't remember)
    After having to convince them that they made a huge error they finally got all of my money back. About 2 1/2 weeks of wasted time.

    Hope I could be of assistance


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    So who would you say to go with?

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    Revecom does recurring billing.

    Very usefull as they also invoice your customers too.

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