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    Dedicated Servers

    I am running a small hosting company in spain selling hosting plans as a reseller from coolreseller at the moment. We are thinking of getting a couple of dedicated servers to have some more flexibility with the plans and reduce costs.. The 2 main hosting companies we are thinking about are rackshack and fdcservers. Which of these 2 do you recommend me? Are they reliable enough to give good service to our clients? Are there any special things I should know before starting with one of them?

    Any help would be much appreciated... Thanks in advance !!

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    Out of the choice here, I would use RackShack - I wouldn't trust a Cogent only provider for use with customers.

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    Personally, I wouldn't recommend either of them for a hosting company.

    If you want something to provide GOOD service to your customers, you might want to look at something better than the $99 servers (no offense).

    Both of the companies you mentioned offer unmanaged services, which means you either:

    1. Need to know the OS you will be working with
    2. Have someone willing to help you with administration (friend, employee, whatever)

    I'm making an assumption you do not know how to properly maintain a system, so you might want to look into managed services (if the price looks too good to be true, it probably isn't).

    I'd say you ought to be willing to put out at least $500/month for two servers that are managed.

    If you feel comfortable (or have someone who can) doing system administration, why not look into purchasing a couple servers (adding assets (value) to your company) and colocating them?

    That way YOU get to choose the hardware, and you could likely colocated both servers for under a few hundred dollars.

    Just my opinions.

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