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    Help! Anyone with Matrixreseller ....

    Trying to find out if anyone is with Matrixreseller and using the NT machine "NT10"?

    I've been having problem uploading for the last 2 days. Each time when I try to upload, I will constantly get a 425 connection error after like the 2nd to 3rd file. During the first day, one of the tech support guy rebooted the machine, after that I could upload entire website with hundred over files @ on go, no DC. But now the problem is coming up again, and the tech guy insist that there is nothing wrong with the server.

    Anyone with any suggestions?

    really desperate cos I need to upload all my client's files before my other host package expires ...
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    perl -le '$_=`man perlfaq1`;print/"(j.*)"/'
    Microsoft Windows NT. *mumbles*
    Richard Ward
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    I have been working on your ticket.

    Sun, 1st Sep 2002 11:15 pm you had a ticket saying you could not upload.

    Sun, 1st Sep 2002 11:39 pm I told you i was able to upload all of one of our sites with zero problems..

    This only being about 20 min after your ticket this makes me thing some thing on your side is setup wrong..

    Only thing you must do on our windows servers is use PORT and not PASV to get in to FTP on our windows servers.
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    Please email support requests directly to your provider. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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